And lots of info you didn't know you didn't know. 


What are the age requirements?  You must be 12 years old on race day to participate in the Rough ‘N Tough Against Hunger. There is no maximum age! Show us your stuff! Spectators of all ages are allowed to attend and watch the event. *Competitive heats are 18+.


What if I can’t get over an obstacle or just don’t want to do it?  No big deal! We want you to have fun and be safe. If you don’t think you can safely complete the obstacle, just walk around it.


Can I get a refund if I can’t participate?   Life happens, we get it. It’s tough to buy a ticket in advance not knowing if you’ll be sick or have to work or have a broken toe. But, because this event raises money for Family Pathways Hunger Relief, we won’t be offering refunds. Instead, we enthusiastically thank you for your donation to aid hunger relief in Isanti County.


How long is the course and how many obstacles are there?  You’ll be jumping, wading, crawling, climbing and running your way through over 25 obstacles spread over 25 acres. The entire course is not mud, but you'll certainly be getting dirty.


What does my registration include?  The challenge of completing an obstacle course mud run and the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a dent in hunger relief in the surrounding community. Oh—and you’ll get a pretty cool looking t-shirt (deadline is Friday, July 12), a medal, and some snack foods at the finish line. We’ll also be taking pics along the course, so you can watch for those on the website after the race.


What if it rains or storms?  Game on if it rains! You’re already planning to get muddy, right?! If there’s the threat of lightning, we’ll postpone, which could mean for a few hours.


Can I register the day of the run?  Nope. Registration is open on our website through July 18.


What should I wear?  Something you can get dirty in. And something that’s not going to fall off you when it gets wet and muddy! Think compression shorts, a tank, and shoes that fit. No spikes.


Are there any discounts or promo codes?  Yep! We have occasional discounts, follow our Facebook page for details. 


Is there a fee for parking?  Nope. Parking is onsite and free!


Are pets allowed?  As much as they might enjoy the muddy fun, pets (other than service dogs) are not allowed, so please leave them at home for this event. Service dogs are permitted.


Is there a place to rinse off and change clothes?  We will have rinse stations (with cool water) running and a separate changing tent for both guys and gals. Remember this is a rinse station, not shower, so keep it moving and don’t bring soap!


Is there somewhere to stow my belongings?  Yep, we'll have a bag drop available for $5 (payable on race day). We are NOT responsible for lost or stolen items


I’m not in the best of shape, can I still participate?  Absolutely! The Rough ‘N Tough event isn’t timed, so there’s no need to hustle through obstacles. We do recommend some light cardio and upper body strength training in the months and weeks leading up to the race.

What is the competitive hour? Want to test your speed? Want to compete against your friendly gym mates or relatives? From 8-9 a.m. we’ll have four competitive heats for all you spirited souls. We will give a prize to the first and second place winners per complete hour. This is for 18+ only, sorry kiddos.